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Annija by iilva Annija by iilva
Dobele again

Catching chikens that escaped into the greenhouse.
I really like greenhouses now. ^^

and [link]

Btw I've got new lenses! 50mm ones
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S0lstickan Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Atleast I tried. ^^ :3
Well, there are different ways here too, long e, short e, and so on, more or less for all the vowels (aeiouyåäö). that differs from depending on how the word is spelled.
but å, ä änd ö is separate symbols/letters.. they just look like a and o. :P sortof like germany has that ü and ß which sounds like y and ss :P
...simply put, i hate languages, they are so damn difficult and different from eachothers, still I want to learn. x) and I suck at learning grammars. XD

Well.... err.. i was studying at .. what's the name... let's see... we have lower grade, middle grade and higher grade school that is 1-3, 4,6 and 7,9.. which is year 7-16 in age.
then it's gymnasiet that has many different choises, like it you wanna go to a farmingschool, IT,school, musicschool, and so on, also practical things and lots of else. and it's when you're 17-19 years old, where it's class 1-3.. THEN you get many different choises.
which is... if you passed your grades good enough it's the university or an upper highschool, they usually needs "grundläggande behörighet".. that you passed the main basic courses. they are Math A, Swedish A and B, English A and B, Religion A, Nature A, Society A.... now I was reaaaaaaally schooltired and 17 and blackmetal and rather emo (and a looser) soooo I managed to succed in English A and B... not the others...
So, for us who couldn't go to University or he upper highschool or whatever it's called, we have either komvux where you test the courses, or folkhögskola where you go like a normal school for a year and try to catch your grades.
I've been doing that for 2 years, but went to a bad school first so i failed due to horrible teachers... then last year i was at a good school and everything was super.... except that i fell sick so much i got more and more and more and more after in classes... i got help lots from the teachers, but it fell flat due to that fact thay if we are more than 20% absent in the end of the year, we don't get any grades... so due to sickness i failed when i was finally at a good school.

And now I only have 1 year left at CSN (those who give studymoney to us who study) in school of that level... and I can't take that many courses in 1 year. D: sooooo I'm kinda in a deadblock, hence I'm looking for work (which is hard without education)..

Buuuuut It'll begin a 5day course the 7th sept in Cameratechnique 1.. after that it's 5 days again on Cameratechnique 2, then Photoshop for 5 days, then Studiophotography for 5 days... so 4 courses all 5 days each, 3hours per day... 60 hours total in photography things! AWESOME! :D
Livija Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Es tev jau paskaidroju ko es domaju...:D
Viral-Diction Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is gorgeous!
whereUwant Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
successful composition ;)

Thanks for support my gallery
LordBlackHand Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
You, m'dear, are absolutely gorgeous!
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August 10, 2010
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